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Rooney Elmi is a culture writer and film programmer with a hyperfocus on nonfiction cinema. Her essays and interviews have been published in Film Comment, i-D, DAZED, Real Life Magazine, The FADER, Hyperallergic, among many others.

Interests in internationalism, cyber culture, and anti-capitalism lead to her brainchild, SVLLY(wood), a annual print and digital movie magazine, geared toward curating a radical cinephilia. The self-published editorial has been read and housed around the world and remains one of the extremely rare, feminist print film publications in circulation.
Additionally, she’s the co-founder of NO EVIL EYE,a underground traveling micro-cinema that aims to redefine the creative and social parameters of non-metropolitian film scene(s) by curating an eclectic mix of films that vary in style and substance.

Elmi is currently gearing up to produce a documentary short about the omnipresent police state in Central Ohio. 

interests include:

film criticism.
festival coverage.
detailed interviews.
profiles + features.
pop culture. 
cyber culture.
black feminism.
african + islamic diasporic cinema.
politics + migration.
race + gender + class.  
anti-capitalism theory.
etc! etc! etc!

as founder + managing editor of SVLLY(wood) 

issue.1: THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE REDUX [october 2016]

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